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“And this terrifying enemy surfaced, ace such enemies often do, in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of you please” Little shop of horrors. Howard Ashman

Today I awoke with the strange sensation of not knowing in where it found me, I was hoping that amaneciera by but of five hours, making the rounds between the corridors of this place so familiarized with my soul that not even gave to fear the idea me of the solitude, because the watched images, voices and of my happy years but managed without effort to opacar any type of fear that could run off the road to me of my way. Although by innumerable days and nights I underwent arduous tests to carry out my great project felt a deep lightening when thinking that within few hours my soul would finish to everything and, finally would see drawee of all fault and position. Memory been too much not to have prepared for my exhibition, far from it to face me those people of as insensible appearance as professional. The constant effort during my years of student in the Faculty of Natural Sciences Chemical Practices had made possible to me to gain me the merit to excel in all and each one of my tests and although to many of my professors did not please my way to them to work, not because not outside correct but because she was highly meticulous, I managed to obtain but of a recognition and the approval and acceptance of my companions, whom my stops was so or but important that all the medals that had given to me, since rare time managed to find a friendship that understood my ambitions. The sun began at the same time to disappear in the horizon and my patience towards like a hungry boy in its lunch. It looked for forms to calm my anxiety but nor but the powerful drug could stop the anxious beats of my heart, that like my mind and my soul were confused with this great possibility that appeared to me, meant to show the world my great result to him, my great test, my great project, my great secret. When it could conceive something of calm, the reason entered game and it reproached my new situation continuously to me, but the little time between my being and the encounter with the professionals who would evaluate my formula not it allowed me to give an one step back, already was too much late. After as much delay presents became the authorities of the University, memory that were six people dressed entirely black, sufficiently unpleasant and with a pride degree that its so impenetrable aspect did not allow to direct to them a word me. I realized of which this fundamental meeting for my and existencial one were for them a routine of every day, but that did not manage to dominate and all the sensations to me of fear and distresses either became but the powerful weapon that could have: my talent, decision and desire to finish with the subject. The six people were fervent anxious to know the content that had prepared with much care in my test tubes, but really did not know that what appeared in the information that i myself it had sent to the Meeting of Discoveries in the occasion of asking for an interview with his authorities and thus to evaluate my project was totally false. After explaining the aim and objective to them of my deceit I requested to them that they let to me explain to them which was all this. The black men were really furious and swore to make me arrive a fine or sanction by my ridicule towards them, I had to hear a severe speech on the rules of the institution, the importance of the sincerity and other necessities. This people did not understand that all the previous one would be null if they gave the possibility of bringing to light my secret me. When the possibilities of carrying out this had been almost extinguished one of the people stuck a shout that did not call the attention to me after everything what it had heard. The certain thing is that it convinced to the five rest to give a possibility me so that “the student clarifies badly understood” and thus it was. The nervousness seized of me, because once again nonwise of which it forms to begin to relate my history and in which felt. Fortunately the malhumor of my superior obtained that it found the way, the place and the moment to take step to the explanation: – Everything began days before my final evaluation in the University, late being in the library looking for some notes and reviewing old books I felt in the atmosphere a humidity sensation that took my desire of study like a burst, minutes later a powerful rain slipped by the windows, then I decided to delay the reading and I arranged myself to leave the place, was an atypical day in that old one but warm always flooded building of students, professors and authorities by its corridors, today saw so empty that single the tracks allowed one to guess the crowd that circulated in other occasions. This tranquillity invited to me to walk in a friendly way by those corridors that so many times had been above, thought melancholically that within few days already never they would return to feel my anxious feet to arrive at each one from the classrooms, but it comforted the idea to give rise to me to so many people who, as I, they wanted to learn the mysteries of the physics and chemistry. I crossed each one of the rooms where it had taken my first steps, each room of test, each laboratory, each corner and from the DAY of my inscription I felt for the first time satisfied. Moan that that joy was interrupted when arriving at the subsoil of the place, where was the parking beach. My automobile was in the same place where it always accommodated it and it powerfully called the attention to me that was the only one that was present, given the climatic conditions I thought that perhaps all preferred to leave the place since I would do at moments. Thus it was as the problem arose, because my car was unusable, the board marked lack to me of fuel but he were so strange! memory perfectly that that DAY had happened through the powerboat. This I do not worry too much, since, the only thing that wished was to return to my house and I arranged myself to request aid. When it walked by the lubrications floors of the parking beach I began to perceive a strong scent that did not stop, then I deduced that it came from my own car in bad conditions but whenever it approached me the stairs that lead to the ground floor, the scent increased proportionally and accompanied of my innate curiosity I was in search of the center of the problem without knowledge that would discover a great dilemma. Between the main stairs and the depot there was a hollow Straits and pronouncing in where the pipes ended, when discovering this no longer interested to look for the reason to me of the strong scent, was a obviedad. When being above the first step of the stairs I heard a strange voice, something cruel, something desperate, but but the important thing is that it came from the hollow. Once again that defect mine of the doubt I seize of my and my two parts fought by an objective, my portion handled for the reason pushed my feet so that they raised the stairs, but the handled one by my heart made the reverse movement and pressed so that it finds out if that so particular voice were an alive being or a simple fable product of my fatigue. I must admit that it gained my heart, not if this is good or bad, the only thing which one is that although it turns out me strange to relate everything what I lived soon, I hope serves to find a solution-The faces of the six humoradas people that listened to me kindly were very calm and making all type of, I thought for a moment about leaving my story, because she would not have case, nobody would believe a young student to him. Also I followed ahead, prey of the destiny: – the certain thing, gentlemen – I said to them is that when approaches me the hollow at issue, a cruel arm of greenish color catched to me and I was surrounded in a not known situation that today I explain to them. I submerged suddenly in a world that never had imagined in spite of being habitual reader of science fiction and all its branches, I never thought that another world within mine could exist, gentlemen, do not take it to joke, I request to them that they think any other thing except that. The guffaws of the men caused the weeping in me, said to me – ay young children, you do not worry chiquilla we will inform to our superior ones and in less than one week a fumigation will be made to finish with those rats you bother and when they were about to to retire without believing to me nor a word takes the determination to show to them to the tests and evidences that demonstrated to the existence of these strangers beings. It approaches me the writing-desk of the place where we were reunited and I retired my purse that was supported over other notes, retires the crystal box quickly where she had kept exemplary infantile from these beings and I was them one by one, no longer they caused impression in me like the first time that had seen them, were as she mentions of greenish color, measured between thirty and fifty centimeters but small and but the great ones between sixty and seventy, had the organs similar to the humans, but a deformity in its hands was observed that only had a pair of fingers, strange it that soon when communicating to me with them I included/understood, was that its figure seemed to vanish and soon to return to appear, I insisted on this while the men had changed their attitude. Finally they included/understood the seriousness of the subject and was there that they found the words right that needed to receive at that moment, said to me with total astonishment of which they observed – we go to ayudarla-La unpleasant appearance and magnificent that they had it disappeared when we armed a table of study improvised with the elements that we had and we arranged ourselves to find out on the formation of these beings. As first measurement explains to them that it had managed to communicate to me with one of them, first who I found in the parking, did not understand its language in the beginning, but soon I could discover that its language had as it bases the Latin and some European languages. Manage to find out that IVCH (Individuos Verdes Casi Humanos) forms when an originating germ of sewers or remainders acquires an intelligence that allows him to obtain human functions and thus it reproduces creating colonies. This happens each 1.000.000 of years approximately and depends in its totality of the atmosphere where the germ is developed. He is almost incredible, graceful and until with certain degree of madness thinking that a bacterium that coexists between chemistry students can acquire its knowledge. At first it seemed to me a silly thing, but it looks for the form that one of them demonstrates its wisdom to me, since I have studied in any scientific procedure, I advanced passage by step and the result has been excellent: they manage to memorizar texts of up to three hundred words in less than ten minutes; they know to solve equations with several degrees of difficulty in just a short time and until they have advanced medicine knowledge. One of the members of the Meeting wanted to hurry the things and to transfer the units so that they were analyzed, that exactly was one of my fears and it explains to them that they could not do it without the consent of all the members of the colony. He insisted and I along with confessed the analyses to them that had carried out the beings to them who the IVCH were fundamental so that the human beings survive, because they comprised of the nourishing chain, single that never nobody had discovered them, the reason? they had the invisibility characteristic reason why they decided when or to be seen, in synthesis, not killing the colonies of the IVCH or maintaining them in analysis by but of one week, the human life serious excursion danger. I decided not to load single with the responsibility to analyze them without harming them, for that reason gentlemen – I said to them I need that they help me with absolute well-taken care of. After six years of the happened thing I do not regret to have presented the life these beings, that my ambition seized of me and was wanted to obtain some compensates but always I considered an idea of scientific progress. At the moment the press is on duty in my house, hoping to make all type of interviews and to know but the IVCH, we have reached an agreement with them and so far La Paz between our two worlds reigns, is so it adopts three units to educate them in my house in where alive with my husband and my son. The week that comes I will attend a congress in where the subject treated in which I continue working, only the worrisome thing now is the position of the catholic church before the subject, but it will manage to make them understand that there is place all the beings who want to inhabit this ground and that by on all the things it is important to maintain the balance ecological.


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